Corporate Events

A Corporate Event in Orlando

Many stress the planning of corporate events due to their complexity and the large number of guests that must be served. However, with the help of event planners to take care of the logistics for you, planning a corporate event can be easier than ever. Corporate events come in varying styles and for different purposes, depending on the need of the company. We have experience in tailoring such events to the company’s aesthetic and message, delivering nothing more than a fun and welcoming event for the guests to enjoy.


We offer our event planning services to companies that have long-time employees who are retiring. Retirement parties are a great way to send off an employee for a job well done. Not only do long-time employees become part of the company due to their extended service and work, but they become valuable assets that will be missed once they’ve retired. We want to make the event and joyful as possible, allowing existing colleagues to wish the retiree their farewells. Retirement parties can include games, video presentations, awards, and, of course, food!

Holiday Parties

Many companies are keen on hosting holiday events to say thank you to their employees for another year of hard work. Holiday parties are thrown around the end of the year or can be done for any holiday the company so chooses. Examples of popular holiday parties include Christmas parties, Halloween parties, and 4th of July parties. With these parties, some companies even enjoy adding themes or encouraging their guests to dress up for better engagement. For such events, we can offer supplementary aesthetics such as photo booths, stages, karaoke, and much more.

Promotional Events

Promotional events are often those where companies would like to introduce new practices or products amongst their employees. This can be done in the form of meetings, presentations, demonstrations, or anticipation events. The planning required for such events will depend on the product or practice itself, but we offer our corporate event planning services to help the company advocate their message more effectively and accordingly.

Large Scale Events

What makes companies opt for our services during consultations, is our ability to cater to large scale events. We’ve been able to design and implement parties for corporate companies of thousands of employees, looking for spaces and catering food options that meet these needs. We create a party that encourages the engagement of large numbers of people and in a space that accommodates for larger crowds. When you and your guests arrive at the party space, you’ll arrive with an organized agenda, a menu that you can look forward to, and a beautifully decorated space that is tailored to the company’s preference and the event itself. The size of the anticipated event never challenges us nor delays us from giving your company the corporate event it deserves. We’re also able to do so with a budget that you can be comfortable with, when servicing a large number of people.