Private Parties

A waiter standing with drinks

Have a private party that you need a little extra help planning for? Or want to keep the event as much of a surprise as possible? With the help of professional event planners, you can be sure that your anticipated event will not only be curated with care and detail, but with secrecy so as to surprise those involved. Private parties can be celebrated to include a number of potential celebrations from celebrations of life to wedding showers.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties can be thrown for anyone at any age that wants to celebrate their special day. We design our private parties to accommodate the age of the person the party is for. For kids’ parties, we’re able to include fund additives to the party such as bouncy houses, entertainers, and fun games. For someone turning 21 or 65, the décor and events will differ based on the preference given. For our older crowds, we’ve been able to bring in margarita machines and bar services that make the party fun for the adults.

Wedding Showers

Wedding showers or engagement parties are those given to brides and grooms in anticipation for their big day. With that, comes several steps to planning that need to follow with the big day. This includes creating a registry of items that the bride and groom will find useful, as well as planning a wedding shower with enough time before the wedding day that is comfortable for guests. Wedding showers typically come with elegant décor and entertainment activities that allow for the bride and groom to engage with their guests before the big day.

Baby Showers

Recently had a baby or are soon to be expecting one? What better way to celebrate than with a baby shower! Baby showers are planned for those upcoming or new parents that would like to introduce their baby to their friend and family. Baby showers also give guests the opportunity give gifts and blessings to the new or upcoming baby. Since gift-giving is customary, registries are, again, needed to help keep the guest list and potential gifts organized for the new parents. We help in creating and organizing the registry, along with decorating and outlining the order for the shower itself. We can provide suggestions for popular baby shower games, activities, and bonding exercises to keep your guests entertained.


Mitzvahs are important events in the life of many Jewish teens. Seen as a coming of age ceremony, it’s also a time for young teens to present themselves to friends and family as a young adult. We assist in the production of Mitzvah receptions that are typically held after the religious ceremony. Our services for Mitzvahs include organizing catering, décor, and location for the ongoing party. We make our Mitzvahs activities age-appropriate and friendly for all guests. To make your teen’s day perfect, we go the extra mile to ensure that all of our effort is in the detail of planning such a special day.